Combining Spices – Fennesse and The Grand P’poppy

I bought the heritage pork cut for stew from Pine Mountain Buffalo Ranch last week at the Hillsdale Farmers Market.  I like my stew meat cut much finer than most places sell it.  So I sharpened my favorite Wustoff and sliced each chunk into 4 or so thin strips.  Now it cooks faster…and…you get to savor that many more bites.  I was in a rush.  So, how can I pull off pork stew in 15 minutes?

First, well after the chopping, I gave the stew a rub down in Fennesse Curry Powder, one of my Noble Spice blends, a bit of coarse sea salt and some chopped onions.  Then I stop the timer (is that cheating) and walk away for a bit.

Next, I fry the whole mix…and when its just about cooked through, I add a good serving of sauerkraut and let it simmer.  The mustard greens come next, just enough to wilt them…and…POW!

We’re ready to eat.

But before that happens, I sprinkle a little of the Grand P’poppy, a smoky mix of Paprika, poppy seeds, sea salt, and some backing sweet spices that pull it all together.

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