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Garlic is one of my favorite spices for culinary and medicinal use.  I use a special dried garlic in Fennesse and Hello Yello to add a sweet nutty bridge of flavor that brings these curry powders together.

Medicinally, garlic has been used for flu, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, warts and many other ailments.

Chesnok is my favorite variety of garlic.  I was introduced to it at Maplewood Gardens in Elderon, WI where I planted over 17,000 garlic seeds by hand.  This was a great lesson in what I could accomplish by putting my mind and body into something while having the lead of garlic expert Dave Peterson.



My favorite variety of garlic Chesnok Red was “discovered” in Shvelisi, Republic of Georgia in 1985.  Because of this it is also known as “Shvelisi”  


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