Hello Yello, Tofu, Kim Chee, and Tortillas!

…playing a little ‘roun the world’ here with my Jamaican curry, Japanese tofu, Northwest raab, Mexican tortillas, and Cuban black beans.  It all goes together fine on this sunny spring day.
Tofu is fried in Hello Yello curry powder.  Homemade corn tortillas are pressed then toasted on a cast iron griddle.  Arugula raab from Gathering Together Farm is chopped and added with black beans to the tofu.  The Kim Chee from Home Grown Food Products is added last to the plate as a final dash of flavor and color.

Tofu Prep
1 Block of Tofu
1T Coarse Sea Salt

Corn Masa from Three Sisters Nixtamal available in Portland

2c Powdered corn masa

1T Hello Yello curry powder (from The Noble Spice of course)
Cooking oil (I used safflower oil this time)
1 bunch arugula raab (you can sub collards, kale or similar greens)
1 large shallot, chopped (a small onion will is a decent sub)
1c black beans, cooked and drained
Kim Chee to taste
Tofu Prep
Cover the block of Tofu in the coarse sea salt and wrap it tightly in a dish towel to draw out the moisture.  Adding a weight to the top of the tofu will help speed the process.  The dryer we make the tofu, the better it will fry.  Chop the tofu into little fingers after about 10 minutes (of course an hour will get it even dryer).
Making Tortillas
Tortilla_Movie from Three Sisters Nixtamal
Cooking Curry

Fire up a pan to about 400 degrees (medium hi will get you there) and add the oil.
Add Curry powder, stirring it into the oil.
Add Tofu immediately.
Add Shallot
Cook until tofu has a nice chewy texture.
Add beans until they get hot.
Add Arugula.
Cook for a few minutes until the arugula begins to wilt

Dish this out and add kim chee to the side. Make yourself some tacos and enjoy!

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