Making Paella

By admin • Uncategorized • 4 Aug 2013

Paella is a great way to mix flavors and textures without having them all run together.
20130721PaellaLambShrimp08 20130721PaellaLambShrimp09

This was one of the first dinner parties of the summer, so we decided to celebrate with some homemade (new) old fashioneds using last years cherry liqueurs, muddled sage, some George Dickel Rye and my personal roasted spice bitters recipe I call Meander.


My multi stage paella process takes a while but offers plenty of room for appetizers.  I roast tomatoes, peppers and chorizo for the sofrito (the base sauce of the paella), while setting thin marinated cuts of beef (above) and a dressed sugar loaf chicory (below), for a quick braze.

20130721PaellaLambShrimp11 20130721PaellaLambShrimp12

The filling ingredients are all mixed and further fried as the tomatoes break down.


Pairing two drinks for this meal: A local Portland cranberry cider, whose flavor is more of rich, almost olivey, apple cider than cranberry.  Though the tartness really breaks through the flavors of the paella and pairs (or trios) well with San Pellegrino and a touch of Meander Bitters.


The rice is added and the grill is closed.  Not to be disturbed until it finishes.

20130721PaellaLambShrimp1520130721PaellaLambShrimp16I like to finish seasoning my plate with a sprinkle of The Grand P’poppy and a squeeze of fresh lime.


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