Meadow Harvest Beef Liver and Hello Yello

By admin • gluten free, hello yello, liver, meadow harvest • 10 Jan 2013

1/2 lb Beef Liver from Meadow Harvest (from Nehalem, Oregon.  Top quality meat.  I found them at the Hillsdale Farmers Market in Portland, Oregon)
1 Red Onion

Dry Rub (Gluten Free):
1T Hello Yello Curry Powder (its the Noble Spice with the most turmeric and cumin)
1T Sorghum
1t Salt

Soak liver in vinegar for an hour
Let the liver dry a bit in a colander in the sink
Mix the dry rub and coat the liver
Chop and fry the onion in oil (I use grape seed oil for its high heat tolerance and nutrition content) [Medium high heat]
Remove onions when they turn translucent.
Add Liver and fry about 5 minutes on one side
Flip liver and add cooked onions on top.
Cook for another 5 or 10 minutes, careful not to overcook.

I present this recipe beside Japanese Hagia rice, which is a partially milled grain which maintains its germ.

This is a good dish for making your insides happy.  Beef Liver is super dense with iron, vitamin A and a number of other nutrients.  Turmeric in an anti-inflammatory herb.

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