Raw Lime Pie

By admin • dessert, gluten free, Raw, Sweet Black Masala • 19 Feb 2013

In the crust for this “raw”…well almost raw creamy lime pie lies a subtle spicy surprise.  This oat, nut, and date crust is flavored with Sweet Black Masala.  This masala is the sweetest and darkest of The Noble Spices.  Strong notes of Anise and cardamom, backed up with cinnamon, clove, black cumin, nigella, mustard, and nutmeg.

The filling consists of lime, avocado (yes avocado?!?), coconut oil, and honey.  There are many variations of this recipe, however, lime flavor and avocado green just seem to want to be together.

It’s quite astonishing to taste at first..actually the lack of avocado taste is pretty astonishing.  I quickly forgot the strangeness of this combo as it became a normal craving.

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