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Curry Class - Pumpkin Chanterelle using Hello Yello

Curry Class – Pumpkin Chanterelle using Hello Yello

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Contributing my flavor to Kitchen Share Southeast.  This was a tasty class for 14 people [&hellip

Spice Trading (For Poetry)

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I was walking through the farmers market and stumbled on a poet selling poems while [&hellip



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Garlic is one of my favorite spices for culinary and medicinal use.  I use a [&hellip

Hello Yello, Tofu, Kim Chee, and Tortillas!

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…playing a little ‘roun the world’ here with my Jamaican curry, Japanese tofu, Northwest raab, [&hellip

Meadow Harvest Beef Liver and Hello Yello

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1/2 lb Beef Liver from Meadow Harvest (from Nehalem, Oregon.  Top quality meat.  I found them [&hellip

Gluten Free Jamaican Patties

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