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The Grand P'poppy in Muffins

The Grand P’poppy in Muffins

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Inspired to try a little sweet spice for in morning  bread. I was very surprised [&hellip

The Grand P'poppy in Paella

The Grand P’poppy in Paella

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  This paella was made with flageolet beans, shrimp, smoked tomatoes, chanterelles, and spanish chorizo. [&hellip

Spice Trading (For Poetry)

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I was walking through the farmers market and stumbled on a poet selling poems while [&hellip

3 Kind Hummos

3 Kind Hummos

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  Purple: Sauerkraut with beet Orange: Red pepper and The Grand P’poppy Green: Lime, green [&hellip

Poppy Seed Experiments

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This spice of sleep and dreams is high in calcium and magnesium.  Lightly toasted, it [&hellip

King Salmon

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The Grand P’poppy strikes again! Another fresh catch from The Flying Fish Company. Potatoes harvested [&hellip

Black Cod Over Roots with The Grand P’poppy

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Sashimi and the Noble Spice

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Is sashimi good enough by itself?  Well, it better be, else you better cook it. [&hellip

Combining Spices – Fennesse and The Grand P’poppy

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I bought the heritage pork cut for stew from Pine Mountain Buffalo Ranch last week [&hellip

Testing Testing

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spice research label testing recipe testing using The Grand P’poppy